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twisstedmindsss asked:

Hiya lexi, i know you can reach a prostate orgasm and i was wondering how? Ive tried so many times and it felt so close but it always seems to either be abit rough or like im going to pee everwhere, any tips? You have all my support you're a stunner!

put some towels down and let it go and pee everywhere!!!! trust me.. that’s it!! once you release yourself you will have an amazing orgasm I know it sounds icky but fuck me is it worth it, I’m so happy you are so close!!! Let me know how it goes ^_^ Squirt baby Squirt!!! =3


Anonymous asked:

Ever been face-fucked? Do you like being out of control, just having a cock man-handle your throat, making your gag, drool, and worship a nice thick cock?

Nah being face fucked really sucks, I kinda have.. or have had a problem with bulimia so when I get deep throated it just makes me sick.. I’ve thrown up on a penis a couple of times before and it’s not fun.

as for the degradation it’s not my favourite thing, I sometimes like having tears in my eyes and looking up at my sexy man but that’s about it, personally I don’t think cocks are anything to worship over I think you should be worshipping me and rubbing my feet let alone me worship your cock.


Anonymous asked:

What if the bachelor party turned into a gangbang?

Sounds like fun ^_^ tehehehe put my head in some stockades and have people take turns fucking my hole… that’s actually one of my fantasies that I want to try in a safe environment, I love being the centre of sexual attention it makes me feel sexy and wanted Xx

I feel like I need to be tied up a little at least or maybe just laying on my back on a table and having loads of cocks in my face and hands and having other men kiss my feet and wank and filling me up with tons of cum… oh my.. *blush* yes.. that could be fun =3


Anonymous asked:

How much would it cost to get you for a bachelor party?

That sounds like alot of fun actually xD it depends what you want to do with little sexy me, have me do s sexy strip dance and bring people drinks and be the centre of attention…

bend over in front of all your friends and shove my butt right in there faces, have you all throw money at me as I dance around a pole.. get you in trouble with your future wife tehehe that to me is priceless.. ^_^


Anonymous asked:

Hi Lexie I adore and I love what you did. I wonder if taking female hormones sensation when ejaculation is the same as a man? Thank you and do not stop posting photos you really are the best

I’m not really sure, it feels the same but it’s hard to remember what my orgasms where like compared to before.

I know I like anal stimulation alot more now than I did prior to hormones but as for my ejaculatory orgasms I think they are pretty much the same except for they are alot less messy (no cum comes out)

I shouldn’t be aloud to shop late at night I get horny and buy expensive things =3 see if this is any good hehe x
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I shouldn’t be aloud to shop late at night I get horny and buy expensive things =3 see if this is any good hehe x

lovewetpussy17 asked:

When you have a prostate orgasm do you wank whiles fucking ether toy or person or are you hands free?

you can’t have a prostate orgasm while wanking, that would make you have an ejaculatory orgasm.I find it easiest if I just let my flaccid penis just sit there and try and ignore it or have a healthy wank before hand.

Then I get my favourite vibrator and angle it just right on my spot and really go for it hard.. it’s alot easier if someone else does it… now the hardest part is to not chase the orgasm and just let it come naturally but it’s so easy to tense up and lose it.. you really have to relax those muscles and pound that prostate the high vibrations help alot.

it’s also hard to get in the right mood with it when it’s so hard to have one you have to be in a sexual mood but not one with an erection which is hard… or at least I find I can only have one without an erection. I get this little tingly sensation on the end of my penis and I just let go and I get a burst of pleasure and makes me sides go all wibbly :)

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