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Anonymous asked:

Hi Lexi, You and Djen made a nice couple, what were the reasons that made you split up?

Urmmmmmm good question..

I dunno really, I guess we just both wanted to move on, we was arguing alot and it wasn’t working out and rather than talk about what was really bothering us we just moved apart, it all happened so fast and it was difficult and we kinda lost the love and that spark that was there… Maybe in some way we was holding each other back from ourselves and needed to let go to be true to ourselves… I really miss her at times and what we had, when she left was the first time I actually looked after myself and only myself and I found out more about who I was so I guess it wasn’t all bad :)

sissydaughterlove asked:

How was your first prostate squirt?

Very messy, it hit me by surprise I was just doing my normal thing banging myself with my dildo when all of a sudden this intense pleasure overcomes me, naturally I kept going and a powerful shake took over my body and my cock started gushing out a watery substance… I was totally outa breathe and confused what had happened, all I knew was it felt fucking fantastic, over whelming almost, but I knew I could have another one and thus that night of my first prostate squirt I had another 3 in the next 40 minutes or so :P

I guess it’s just the bodies reaction to intense pleasure, but I was mystified by it, it’s really is the equivalent of a female squirt or orgasm, I felt accomplished as a girl for using my hole and prostate to achieve such an orgasm and at the time I didn’t even want a ejaculatory orgasm ever again… I later found out to realise that prostate orgasm is incredibly difficult to achieve even in the best and most relaxed state of mind I can put myself in, it helps alot when someone else is fucking me with the gyrating toy so I can focus on relaxing and letting myself experience the peak of the pleasure without trying to chase the high and losing it.


Anonymous asked:

You have the hottest ass and body ever ! Have u ever had a threesome with a guy and a girl? ;)

Yes I’ve had a lot of threesomes, but specifically with a guy and a girl, yes ^_^ it’s always been couples with me being in the middle (literally) the first threesome with a guy and a girl the girl stormed outa the room after we was playing… I don’t think she was happy watching her boyfriend enjoy my sexy ass Xx

I’ve had 2 more with guy/girl combo again always being in the middle getting sandwiched by a girl under me and her boyfriend ontop of me… I’ll be honest It’s not that amazing… most of the time I either wish I was doing one or the other, having both my prostate and my cock pleasured at once is conflicting and hard to focus on.. I dunno I’m just not a massive fan of threesomes, a four-way was alot more fun Xx


Anonymous asked:

Are you gunna post the prostate orgasm video? I hope so xx

It was outa focus the one where I squirted :( which is unfortunate Xx I managed to record a slight prostate orgasm with intense pleasure which I recorded afterwards Warning: It is a messy video :P

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