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Anonymous asked:

ive noticed in a few of your pics you are wearing a chastity device. are you locked or is it merely for play?

It falls off when I go to sleep, I swear it’s not designed for being locked long term.


Anonymous asked:

Whats the biggest dick youve had mines 8.5inch

I dunno I don’t go.. ‘hey you’ve got a big cock, then take out a tape measure and go, hmmm that’s interesting’

In my experience men over exaggerate their penis size by an inch or two.

I’ve had sex with a black male with something around 8-9inch mark.. can’t say it was that great though.
I’ve seen a nice man in a hotel who had a dick as thick as a coke can… and I believe it was my favourite big cock experience, he had me wincing and begging for more… unfortunately he didn’t want to see me a second time so that’s about the time I bought that big purple toy.

My big purple toy is bigger than any human cock so……. Yeah I’ve done that :) it’s around 7.4inch circumference and 9 inch insertable length….When I first bought it I came in no time… now it’s starting to be more of a choir.. depends on my mood Xx

I’m never interested in a guys length, in fact I’m put off *personally* by long length and have refused to see males bragging about long cocks, I much prefer thickness with shorter length.. mainly… but as long as it hits my prostate and they know how to push it nice and firm inside me… fucking my tight little pussy hole …  Mmmmmmm…….. I lost my train of thought… Now I’m horny…

girlyboyryan asked:

What's your opinion on crossdressers/femboys?

I actually think they’re rather attractive :P I don’t like when people mistake me for one or a femboy says I’m like you now!!! but I understand this is more due to the lack of knowledge of my full situation.

actually other male to female transgender people or cute femboys are the only people I would consider using my penis on if I’m being totally honest, it doesn’t change my mind on how I feel about my penis and I still want to remove it one day from my sight, but I feel comfortable around a feminine male / trans girl and sometimes have a little urge to fuck them for a change.

It’s a bit different the sex for me, I get a strange lesser orgasm from it and reduced feeling from my penis, but I don’t mind giving them pleasure if they are femboys I really like.. I don’t think it makes me any less of a girl and it doesn’t change my mind on how I feel about my junk.

I strangely have no urge to fuck cisgendered women at all… I wouldn’t mind doing other things with one.. just find it odd that I have a penis.. and yes now and then I’m bound to ‘maybe’ want to fuck something.. my sexual preference points towards the slightly more masculine side of femininity.

Just to go on about my cock some more… because it’s my blog :P I don’t mind owning it sometimes and having it in my presence sometimes.. It’s more how it makes me feel or how other people treat me because I have it that makes me hate myself it makes me feel like an incomplete female.

It’s far too complicated to wrap my head around, but I often find myself not being able to achieve orgasm until I either run through my head pretending I have a vagina down there… and it’s really sad sometimes… I was watching porn trying to get off on it and just seeing her vagina ensues me with envy, then she starts getting fucked in the ass and I can relate to that so I’m a bit happier but I couldn’t get off still… so I started rubbing myself where my vagina would be in-between my legs and I came in a few seconds… it’s things like that, that make me think my body is screaming at me to go through with the operation..

I think I wouldn’t be so disgusted in my genitalia if it wasn’t so damn huge you know!!! I’m not trying to be negative about it, it’s just how I feel and those feelings don’t just go away… so I’m sorry, when people say to me it doesn’t matter what you have… that’s great and all.. but it doesn’t stop how I feel about it to myself and I don’t think it ever will.

*rant over*


Anonymous asked:

Are you against gays?

No, I’m not against people being gay. I love gay people I think they are really accepting and usually quite nice.

I don’t like gay people who find me sexually attractive or who try and have sex with me.. because I’m not a guy and I’m not gay the things gay men want to do with me in the bedroom is a big. STOP!!!

I renounce anything about my masculinity and take it as a large insult to my femininity when a gay guy comes over and thinks… hey it’s just another dude. Really not cool.. I very much am not happy with their attitude towards me sometimes.

mikeround asked:

heyy I need some advice. Ok I have finally worked up the courage to meet up with someone I met online. I have never done anything like this before and I am really worried about catching something I mean obviously i would never have sex bareback but i was wondering what measures you take with clients i.e oral, kissing etc. I know i probs sound like a complete numpty but i am completely new to all this and i dont want to offend him or anything by asking when he was last tested (if ever)

D’aawwww that’s sweet :) It’s okay to be concerned about your sexual health I wouldn’t be too concerned though unless he tells you he’s used needles before or has unprotected sex regularly with different people.

Personally, I have sex with a friggin lot of people so sexual health is high on my list of concerns, but you have to remember I’m having sex with alot of guys from many different countries and origins so my sexual concerns are going to be different than yours.

Personally, I always use a condom with every sexual encounter, this is a strict rule I have that protects me from getting anything because I assume people seeing me usually have alot of sex, I don’t use oral protection.. ever.. I don’t see the point.. nobody likes a blowjob while wearing a condom.. it feels crap (I assume), I’ve talked to the sexual health clinic and they try to promote safe oral sex but really the risk of catching something in the mouth is very low, things that are high risk of catching in the mouth aka warts n such are usually very noticeable.

I think you’re concern is a bit like trying to find things to panic about.. because your anxious and excited about meeting him which is sweet :) I always think personally that unprotected sex is for the people you trust and love in your life, they get the privilege of having you skin to skin.. and the people you just fuck for fun should wear one… who knows he might even be saying.. “what are you doing.. put on a condom :P”

Meeting for the first time, if it was me I’d use protection until I trusted the person and knew more about their personal life, other people have their own opinion on sexual health and I’ve never caught anything and I’m working my way into the 300 sexual partners category.

catching something from gay sex is equally dangerous as having sex bareback with a vagina and most people don’t have problems with that.. the person receiving the anal sex is MORE at risk than the person giving because the anal walls can cut easily and dna going into the cut/bloodstream is how people catch these things.

I’m assuming your concern is more about AIDS and HIV, which IS more likely to happen with anal sex than vaginal, but like I said unless he is using needles, having unprotected sex alot or he’s from Africa (I’m not even being racist, aids comes from Africa mostly) I wouldn’t worry about that one too much, and if anyone did have aids you’d hope they’d explain to their partners the risk it seams like they should hold responsibility for their own sexual actions IF they have contracted the aids.

But long answer short, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, maybe use a condom first time until you feel more comfortable around him or try and get to know the guy before you fuck him.. what’s with people fucking and not having the intimacy beforehand anyway.. that’s the best part <3

As for your concerns about kissing :P that’s just funny hehe.. you might catch his cold and have to stay in bed nursing each other back to health ^_^ hehehe Xx


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