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Anonymous asked:

Me again. I forgot to mention that, once you've got a CB6000 or CB6000s knock-off, if it still comes off, lockeduplove sells two different types of security inserts for $25-30 which use soft rubber pins that work sort of like a chinese finger trap. (They also sell proper replacement CB6000/CB6000s rings for $20 as a middle ground between the two options I gave for dealing with the penny-pinched one that comes with the replica.)

They look like they might!!! MIGHT!!! work… but I’ve spent a fortune on chastity’s before and I think I just give up on them working x unless you want to buy it for me ;)


Anonymous asked:

This is sort of off your hormones/cum post, but have you found it harder to keep an erection since taking the hormones? This may be a stupid question but I'm curious cause you've posted many erect shots before.

ahh damn, here’s me trying to avoid posting pictures of me with erections because it doesn’t depict what I would consider beautiful about myself.

But yeah, you’re totally right I have little to no problems with achieving erections ‘when I’m aroused!’ Certain people who… centre their attention around sucking my cock and trying to get me hard makes me really uncomfortable and I can’t get one.. I find going from flaccid to having an erection purely lies on the situation and how I feel..

Personally I tend to find it hard to get erections when I feel treated somewhat more like a boy than like a lady… which I guess is hard to explain, but generally I don’t have a problem. Not that I really need an erection to have fun and to have sex.. But I guess it’s a bonus if I do. I tend to lose my erection when I’m looking at it or if I feel more masculine than my partner (because my dick is unsightly big)… I like a man to take control and really enjoy my body, tits and hole =3.

Since HRT it is ‘Harder’ to get erections than it was before hand… but I was a highly sexed deviant before HRT, I would have uncontrollable erections even at the age of 20.. having lose thoughts of naked women all the time, erections from vibrations of cars, I used to masturbate in the morning, at night… I was a non stop wanking machine..

My ex Djen, when she started taking hormones she couldn’t get erections at all for ages… she started by lowering her dosage so she could fuck me..  I have a few trans friends who just aren’t interested in sex at all or who tell me they find it very difficult to have erections, I guess I’m just one of the lucky ones..

I did at one point start taking these hormones called Siterone because I couldn’t order the ones I wanted. Later I found out they give these tablets to cure hypersexality in men… anyhoo I thought nothing of it and was like MUHAHAHA can’t kill this girls sex drive… sure enough about two weeks in I could only get half an erection… I even became rather docile but not completely. I even started to think about sex alot less often than I do now… Well anyhoo I was like ‘NOPE!’ and threw those tablets in a cupboard.

I did learn one thing from that experience though… I realised how much of my life is centred around sex and without it I’m a bit lost.. hmmm…


Anonymous asked:

can you cum?

I’m never quite sure what people are trying to ask me, when they ask this very unspecific question?

Can I have an orgasm? Yes

Does seamen come out when I orgasm? No

But the answer to this question should be self explanatory as a trans woman takes hormones it’s basically just chemical castration so the testicles stop producing seamen.. Yes, there is some liquid in the seminal vesicle behind the prostate so I guess a little liquid comes out.. but any trans woman taking the correct dosage should be dry cumming or having very reduced amounts of seamen.

As for maybe asking if I’ve lost the ability to have an orgasm completely.. I don’t really think it’s that common.. Yes hormones reduce your sex drive and libido and it might make it hard to have an orgasm.. but it shouldn’t make it impossible and anyone saying.. ‘No, I don’t orgasm’ is probably saying that just to make you feel better when she doesn’t have one.


Anonymous asked:

You probably get this question a lot but are you uncircumsised and do you prefer circumsised or uncircumsised better ?

I am uncircumcised yes, It’s very common in the UK

I don’t really care either way however I had an ex who was uncircumcised and told me he hated it because he got reduced feeling from it.

I do find wanking off an uncircumcised cock a tad more difficult as their isn’t that lovely bit of skin to pull back and forth… to be honest I find it crazy people even circumcise cocks anyway I don’t see any benefit in having some skin removed from the cock..

So I guess I prefer uncircumcised.. I wasn’t aware it was a competition.. If we are talking aesthetic appeal (which I never understand why men think it’s good to show you their cock and just their cock in a picture) all penises look horrible.. I’m sorry they just do >.>

Don’t get me wrong, I find vagina’s, that sagging lump of flesh hanging in-between your legs rather unappealing too but I can understand how connecting it with a source of pleasure you might start finding it more attractive, kinda like… when you get super hungry anything looks appetising but once your full and you look at that gross chow mein you just made… vile specimen that needs only to be eaten by the trash.. but that shit looks fucking sexy as fuck when you’re starving… … … I suck at making home-made chinese food >.<


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